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Ingrid aka “LeMaurien19″

This is still the story and journey of the hackintosh-not-that-so-newbie :D Original founder of MyMacBookMini on Blogspot

Sam B. aka “Seb_or_Sam”

I’ve been a mac user since the the beginning of 2005 (The PowerPC days…) I got my first apple laptop, a white. 2.16 GHz MacBook with 2 gigs of ram and 120 GB hard drive, in 2007, and I’m typing on it right now. In 2008, the netbook craze began. I remember first seeing the EeePC netbook. It fascinated me. I loved the concept, but the keyboard was abysmal and the OS was Xandros made to look and behave like Windows XP. I wanted OS X. I started to explore the hackintosh world a little soon after that. Just studying, really. And in the summer of 2009 I got an HP Mini 1000 and, armed with a copy of leopard, a 16 gig flash drive and a guide from InsanelyMac, I installed Leopard on it. It ended up breaking (faulty motherboard… damn you eBay) and I bought a cheap new one. I installed 2 GB of RAM and Snow Leopard, and off I went. I love my little MacBook Mini and continue to not only use it a lot, but hack it to my hearts content.

HP Mini 1000 with Mac OS X 10.6.1, 100% Vanilla

Location: Central New Jersey, USA


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Kevin aka “Minikj”

I am no expert at Mac OS X, or novice for that matter. The site is hosted by me, but its for anyone looking for HP Mini and Mac OS X Guides, as well as a place for Ingrid, Sam and Bryan to share their talents! MyMacBookMini is just a place to get away from Forums, a place to have the official installs and tutorials without the discussion; simple and “concrete”.