Make a bootable Mac OS X Installer from USB Hard Drive

Dual-boot Snow Leopard & Windows XP with the help of Boot Camp Assistant (to continue from an already functional Snow Leo EFI setup/installation)

HP Mini 1000

Leopard (10.5) – HP Mini 1000

Snow Leopard – HP Mini 1000 (might also work for other models)

Snow Leo EFI Boot Guide : Revamped – HP Mini 1000

Update to 10.6.2 Snow Leopard

HP Mini 110

Leopard 10.5 (via iDeneb v1.3) on the HP Mini 110

Leopard 10.5.6 Retail on the HP Mini 110

HP Mini 2140

Snow Leopard – HP Mini 2140

HP Mini 5101

Not yet, but don’t worry- they will be here soon eventually!

HP Mini 311

As of now, there’s still no definite step-by-step guide as this project is still being worked on over at insanelymac. For more information please see HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread

Official, complete guides and How-To’s for installing Mac OS X on HP Mini’s…compiled from, LeMaurien19′s Original MyMacBookMini, and our (great) bloggers.