The following guide is to Dual-boot Snow Leopard and Windows 7 onto the HP Mini 311, credited to Wayne.

Here is the guide to dual boot Snow Leopard and Windows 7 for HP mini 311. This is modified from the Dell mini guide.

***Backup and save whatever you want to a external HD. because this will format the whole HD.***

Item you need:
A bootable patched Snow Leopard USB drive.
A Windows 7 USB or DVD with external DVD drive
Netbookinstaller for Mac  ( I save it to the SL usb drive) link:

1) Format HD:
- boot off the Win7 USB/SB media
- click through the first two windows that appear (you will see a message “Setup is starting..”
- Make sure you save your stuff, next step will format yuor HD COMPLETELY !!!
- enter CMD by hitting SHIFT-FN-F10 (or SHIFT-F10) dependent on KB / model
- type in:

list disk
select disk (your hard drive, should be 0)
convert GPT
create partition EFI size=200
create partition primary size=(size in mb for OSX> (mine was 30000 MB, of a 60 GB HD)
create partition primary size=(size in mb for Win7> (mine was 30000 MB, of a 60 GB HD)
list partition (a * should appear on the third partition, that’s where you will install Win7 later)
(at this point you can type “extend” to fill the rest of the drive with any space left over from building the partitions
format fs=ntfs quick

- shutdown your mini by pressing the power button

2) Install OSX Snow Leopard:
- Insert the Snow Leopard USB pendrive, boot into the USB drive by pressing F9 when bootup.
- Don’t touch anything, it will boot into the Snow Leopard installation.
- during the install, you will see the NTFS disk, which you won’t be able to use
- enter the DISK UTILITY and select the hidden “disk0s2″ and erase is using Mac OS Journaled File System, name it OSX
- continue your installation as you were onto the newly created OSX partition
- when done, SHUTDOWN (don’t reboot) and insert your USB/SD Win7 boot media again

3) Install Windows 7:
- Insert the Windows 7 USB( or your DVD Drive if you have , boot into the USB/DVD by presssing F9 when bootup
- follow standard procedures for installing Win7 (onto partition 3)

At this point Both OS is done installing, it’s time to tweak the EFI bootloader so that it will works with both OS.
If thing goes wrong, you can still boot into OS X SL with the OS X installation USB and choose OS X.
or Fix the Windows 7 with the Windows 7 Installation USB/DVD.

4) Install bootloader (this is the hardest part)

- insert the OS X SL installation USB, and boot from it.
- press any key,  and select OS X partition.
- After you bootin to Snow Leopard, run Netbookinstaller.
- Make sure you have checked the “chameleon bootloader”,and UNCHECK “quiet boot”(if you check this, your system wont bootup right). The rest of the item you can check if you need it.
- Click install. Once the install is finished, and Restart.

OSX will now be the active boot, But your windows boot sector will be corrupted. Dont worry, the following steps will fix it.

To correct this, reboot, insert your windows usb key and boot from it. If you tried to repair the boot sector now, the windows installer would not succeed, because it is looking at the active partition’s boot sector (where it assumes the windows install is) but this is in fact the Mac EFI partition. To get it to fix the windows boot sector we need to set the windows partition as active: When you get to the language choice, press Shift+fn+f10 to bring up the command prompt. Type the following:
Diskpart [enter]
Select disk 0 [enter]
Select partition 3 [enter] (windows 7 Partition)
Active [enter]
It should tell you that partition 3 is now active.

Close cmd prompt and click repair windows install. It should now find the windows install and repair the boot sector (and not mess up your chameleon install).

Finally, when it restarts: boot to the windows installer one last time. You need to set the active disk to your mac install with the chameleon bootloader – Press Shift+fn+f10 and bring up the command prompt. Type the following:
Diskpart [enter]
Select disk 0 [enter]
Select partition 1 [enter] (EFI partition)
Active [enter]

Afteryou reboot, it should boot into the Chameleon Bootloader, and you should able to boot into both OS with out any issue.