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Restart After Sleep

Note: You’d still need OpenHaltRestart.kext cause OSXRestart.kext is not capable of shutting down the machine. Some may experience kernel panics with the combination of these two kexts but some may not. For more details, visit this thread at MyHPMini. This is only for Snow Leopard.

EDIT: I’m using EvOReboot.kext with OSXRestart.kext, so far no kernel panics.

Well now, thanks to Master Chief from the insanelymac forums, my MacBook Mini restarts even after it’s been put to sleep!! (You can also download OSXRestart.kext from here in case you’re not registered at insanelymac – which you should be)

powerbutton Restart After Sleep

Atom Processor Support Comes Back or NOT

happy mac Atom Processor Support Comes Back or NOT

Stell has updated his blog post on 10.6.2 update and adds that in the latest 10.6.2 developer seed, the Atom processors that we all adore is supported again.

A happy mac? Well, I hope this remains the situation come public release.
Our beloved Atoms are still not supported or support never really was restored according to stell
Also see Prasys’ video below:

Vanilla Crazy

11383 MEDIUM Vanilla Crazy

Like good ol’ (or should we say, stubborn?) Alice, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole to EFI boot.

What is EFI boot anyhow? Not that I’m assuming those who’re reading this post don’t have a inkling but it’s the question I’d asked myself when I stumbled on the thread over at forums so I’m including it here as a reminder to my own self, actually just a couple of reasons why I’m going EFI:

- It lets me keep my hackintosh kexts separate from my main Mac OS X installation; no need for changing anything in /System/Library/Extensions/ folder. What people call “100% Vanilla”.

- I can update fine without breaking my install. (at least that’s the main thrust of the exercise – a solid as rock installation in terms of stability)

So my MacBook Mini is now 100% Vanilla Snow Leo + EFI boot. But there are still bumps like the all too infamous sleep/hibernate issue that I need to iron out, hopefully with DSDT patching.

All in all, I’m still just scratching the surface with this new method (at least to me) and sometimes my inner noob gets overwhelmed with all the information going on. I hope I survive this one alive to get a how-to guide going in the near future.

For the meantime, I’m all crazy about Vanilla – ice cream and installation variant alike. :D



I got Snow Leopard via dearest torrent just this last weekend; I devoted the next two days trying to cram in this latest cat into my MacBook Mini. This is as close as I could possibly get:

1) Downloaded this package thanks to the guys at

2) Used my hackintoshed MSI Wind: Disk utility > Partition external HDD as GUID > Restore Snow Leo Retail image to GUID partition

3) Install Netbookmaker on it.

4) Rebooted the MSI Wind, hit F11 and chose restore Snow Leo partition to boot from: installed Snow Leo to another partition on the same external HDD (I split it into 2 GUID paritions).

5) Once installation was done, I rebooted the wind, ran the Snow Leo installer (the restored partition, not the installed one) and went to Utilities > Reset password to create a password for the root user. I chose of course the partition on which I’d installed Snow Leo (not the one where I restored the installer DVD on)

6) I unplugged the external HDD from the MSI Wind to connect it to the HP Mini, started the Mini and pressed F9 during startup to boot from the partition where I’d ┬áinstalled Snow Leo.

It boots alright into Snow Leo!!! :D

And with the correct 1024 x 600 resolution as bonus! But aside from the resolution, keyboard and (sometimes buggy) bluetooth, nothing else works. Here’s a video:

Notes: The external HDD installer I made by restoring the Snow Leo Retail DVD on it and applying Netbookmaker actually boots up fine on the HP Mini. So you ask, why not just use it to install directly on the HP Mini’s internal HDD?

Well, the installation doesn’t finish – I get stuck at “7 minutes left” and when I check Install log, it’s reporting a missing dsdt.aml/something-can’t-remember-anymore that’s missing from the ramdisk (installed on the partition by Netbookmaker). This doesn’t happen on the MSI Wind.

As to why that happens, I’ve no idea. Perhaps I could tinker with the ramdisk and all that Netbookmaker pizzaz but I’m fairly new to this installation method which is pretty neat as it allows for a Vanilla install and it’s a modern hackintosh method.

I’ll be retracing my steps to fine tune this install process. Although admittedly, I’m not ready to give up the MSI Wind to yield a purely HP Mini install process – it’s easier with the MSI Wind hackintosh around.

The main point for now, for me, is to get Snow Leo on the HP Mini’s internal HDD.

Oh and 10.6.1 update is out


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At Wits’ End

No. I cannot give up no matter how easier it would make my life by just letting it all go. Poof. Vamoosed. No more sleepless nights.

But my inner geek is screaming protests; she wants Snow Leopard. See Snow Leopard. Breathe Snow Leopard.

I tried working with this how-to with my MacBook Wind (MSI Wind on Mac OS X :D ) first:

Didn’t work. I would get stuck at a nondescript line:

“Waiting for DSMOS. . . SystemShutdown false”

Now I’m trying it on the MacBook Mini but I’m not so optimistic about it.

I so wanna go beyond discerning what’s different in Snow Leo’s installer:

snow leo 2 At Wits End