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EFI Boot Guide Parts 3 and 4: The “2-Step” is here

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UPDATE: I’ve updated the “HP Mini Snow” folder download It’s now a bit easier and noob-friendly :)

UPDATE 2: I’ve uploaded a new version of the “HP Mini Snow” folder that fixes a bug where it won’t install a DSDT by default.

UPDATE 3: I know, too many updates. But I just had to say this. I’ve updated “Part 4″ to make it work with 2-Step, and make it a lot simpler.

Here we are. I’m sorry this has taken this long, but I’m finally releasing the “2-Step” EFI/100% Vanilla script. Check it out. Basically, after you do the actual Snow Leopard installation, you usually have to type in a bunch of cumbersome, confusing, and easy-to-screw-up commands. Now, all you have to do is download a file, move it, and drag it into terminal. After that there’s only one thing, and it’ll just walk you through that. Trust me, it’s a lot simpler. I’ve been working on it to make it as good as possible, so if you have an comments, criticisms, suggestions, or ideas, feel free to comment. Thanks to LeMaurien19 for proving the kexts, testing the script, and giving some great support. I could never have done this without her. Thanks to the people wo wrote the kexts, including the people who modified the kexts afterwards. They provide indispensable things for us. And, of course, thanks to everyone in the OSx86 community. Good luck!

PS: Sorry if this is really poorly written; I’m writing this at 1:35 AM. I’m going to get some sleep now…

Proof Of Concept

VoodooHDA.kext is a great kext – it’s the reason why I don’t have to live with a mute Mini MacBook forever. It solved that one detail that caused my conversion to a believer in the HP Mini 1000 as a hackintosh. It even broke the love spell I was under with the MSI Wind U100. It’s the reason why My MacBook Mini came to be.

But wondrous as it may be, there’s still one tiny detail it can’t quite do for my HP Mini 1001TU: the internal mic is still useless.

Good thing it’s Christmas already and so as geeky as I am, electronics wormed its way into my gift shopping list. Thus I ended up swiping my new credit card at the nearby Apple reseller store and got myself in pretext for an early Yuletide present for myself (or one of a number of presents I plan to gift myself with – I could be Ebenezer Scrooge’s kin for all I know and for my utter “me, myself and I” lovin’), an Apple iPhone 3G set of earbuds!

box iphone3g buds Proof Of Concept
I’ve been reading for a long while in forums that it should work with the HP Mini under Mac OS X but I didn’t know for sure but now I know. And I’m a believer. ;-)

Its mic works well with the HP Mini 1001TU; I only have to plug it into the port and voilà, I’ve got mic and am ready to Skype! :D

mic buds Proof Of Concept

You’d need to go to System Preferences > Sound > Input tab to set the mic’s volume and then you’re good to go.

Sound quality is very decent, just as is expected of Apple hardware. As for performance, the current VoodooHDA.kext is sufficient. I don’t crank up the mic’s volume to max levels, highest I’d recommend would be one notch before the last notch on the slider bar. Anything beyond that creates static which causes buzzes and echoes in your ear as the mic catches sound. Audio file  resulting from recording via QuickTime X doesn’t seem to register the aforementioned buzzes and echoes when played later on tho.

Also, upon resuming from sleep, the mic won’t work – not really “not work” but you have to go back to Sys Pref > Sound > Input tab > and move the volume slider a bit to get back on track.

The volume (+,-) controller doesn’t allow you set volume up or down, of course (it would’ve been too perfect – even older iPods can’t take advantage of this set of controls; only the newer iPods and iPhone can)

Oh and by the way, this is the VoodooHDA.kext that I use – it allows me to adjust volume via volume control on the menubar or the fn+Function toggle keys. Or you may use the official VoodooLabs release of VoodooHDA.kext so you get a prefPane and experiment with more settings to suit your tastes.

An Ode To VoodooPS2

Well, I was wrong about you,

Poor Mr. VoodooPS2.

Recently my EFI section went wrong,

So I had to do something to make it strong.

I had to redo that partition,

Mucking with plists and permission.

Everything worked except for sleep,

Which just  made me want to weep.

I tried everything possible to get it back,

But nothing would get the mini back on track.

So I though I’d just redo the EFI partition,

Hoping it’d bring it back to working condition.

I did it, but to no avail,

All I could say was: fail.

So then I looked at this useful forum thread,

So the mini could go back to the life it led.

I then uninstalled faithful old ApplePS2,

Which was not an easy thing to do.

I then installed the VoodooPS2 kext,

I dreaded to see what would happen next.

I crossed my fingers and turned shut down the netbook,

I hoped it’d work, I didn’t want to waste the effort it took.

I turned it on and all was well,

VoodooPS2 was really quite swell.

The trackpad’s prefs did need to be reset,

But that’s no biggie- no reason to fret.

I then closed the lid hoping all would be fine,

I saw the lid go down, and the LEDs shine,

I heard it make that tiny little “pop-pop” sound a couple of times,

But I opened the lid and it worked like a charm (I’m running out of rhymes!)

Sleep has some problems, but it’s hard to explain,

So I’ll post a video, no need to hear me complain.

Thanks for reading this whole thing, I really do appreceate that,

I don’t know why I wrote it like this, I’ll just stop and take a nap. :D

PS: I’m fully aware of how much I suck at writing poems or anything that rhymes.

HP Mini 1000 Guide Posted!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first installation guide! It’s a full guide on installing Leopard on the HP Mini 1000. It has been thoroughly tested, and isn’t too complicated. The other HP Mini’s (110, 2140, and 5101) will get installation guides too, so don’t worry.

Many of you are probably wondering where a Snow Leopard installation guide is. It’s true, Snow Leopard runs pretty well on an HP Mini (I’m typing this on my HP Mini 1000 running 10.6.1 Snow Leopard, in fact) but it isn’t all the way there. It’s not ready for primetime. The biggest problem is that sleep/resume doesn’t work at all. That is, when you shut your HP Mini and reopen the lid, it won’t turn on. While many people in the community (myself included) are attempting to fix this, it isn’t exactly going to happen overnight. Also, ethernet doesn’t work on the 2140 whatsoever. Sleep/resume is the biggest problem though, in my opinion. Besides, it hasn’t been long enough to create a solid, error-proof installation guide. New installation methods are still being discovered, new ideas emerging. Hopefully, I can write a solid, simple installation guide for Snow Leopard in the near-future.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my Leopard installation guide for the HP Mini 1000.

Best of luck,
-Sam B., aka Seb_or_Sam

PS: This is my first post here, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit unpolished :)