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An Ode To VoodooPS2

Well, I was wrong about you,

Poor Mr. VoodooPS2.

Recently my EFI section went wrong,

So I had to do something to make it strong.

I had to redo that partition,

Mucking with plists and permission.

Everything worked except for sleep,

Which just  made me want to weep.

I tried everything possible to get it back,

But nothing would get the mini back on track.

So I though I’d just redo the EFI partition,

Hoping it’d bring it back to working condition.

I did it, but to no avail,

All I could say was: fail.

So then I looked at this useful forum thread,

So the mini could go back to the life it led.

I then uninstalled faithful old ApplePS2,

Which was not an easy thing to do.

I then installed the VoodooPS2 kext,

I dreaded to see what would happen next.

I crossed my fingers and turned shut down the netbook,

I hoped it’d work, I didn’t want to waste the effort it took.

I turned it on and all was well,

VoodooPS2 was really quite swell.

The trackpad’s prefs did need to be reset,

But that’s no biggie- no reason to fret.

I then closed the lid hoping all would be fine,

I saw the lid go down, and the LEDs shine,

I heard it make that tiny little “pop-pop” sound a couple of times,

But I opened the lid and it worked like a charm (I’m running out of rhymes!)

Sleep has some problems, but it’s hard to explain,

So I’ll post a video, no need to hear me complain.

Thanks for reading this whole thing, I really do appreceate that,

I don’t know why I wrote it like this, I’ll just stop and take a nap. :D

PS: I’m fully aware of how much I suck at writing poems or anything that rhymes.

New HP Mini’s Coming Soon?

According to articles at Liliputing and MyHPMini, there might be new HP Mini models in the makings…the HP Mini 210 and 311, as well as Compaq 210 and 311. Its not for sure if there will be new models, but chances are very good.

Little information is actually know right now and nothing will be official until it comes from HP themselves…

The real question is: what will the “insides” be like and how will that affect installing Mac OS X? Will it be easier to install? Will it even install?

HP/Compaq Mini's 210 and 311 appear on upcoming models list

HP/Compaq Mini's 210 and 311 appear on upcoming models list

Snow Leopard Unleashed

Snowy Snow Leopard Unleashed10A394



The list goes on.

These are Snow Leopard seeds released by Apple to registered developers and which sell like hot cakes on your local favorite torrent sites in the world wide web. They’re what hackintoshing forums (1) (2) (3) all over have been discussing. It’s the reason why many people have opted to stick with 10.5.7 instead of jumping right into 10.5.8 – why bother with it when Snow Leopard’s coming soon?

And now it has come.

The community has been playing with the OS beta for some time now with varying results. Now that we have a stable release, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one of these days, a completely easy to follow Snow Leopard installation how-to guide will be available.

First off, we’ll have to check Captain Jack Sparrow’s bay or the Nova that’s Mini to see if we can get our paws on this newest kitty and scratch its chin. ;)


And so there’s a new “My MacBook Mini” site?

 And so theres a new My MacBook Mini site?

Welcome to our latest effort at bringing Mac OS X goodness to the HP Mini and hopefully to netbooks in general in the (near) future.

It’s here at that we’re gonna try consolidating stuff from existing sources such as,, etc. We’re aiming at delivering a streamlined format that’s more accessible to help you get started on your own MacBook Mini.

Please read on, there’s more to come :D