Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first installation guide! It’s a full guide on installing Leopard on the HP Mini 1000. It has been thoroughly tested, and isn’t too complicated. The other HP Mini’s (110, 2140, and 5101) will get installation guides too, so don’t worry.

Many of you are probably wondering where a Snow Leopard installation guide is. It’s true, Snow Leopard runs pretty well on an HP Mini (I’m typing this on my HP Mini 1000 running 10.6.1 Snow Leopard, in fact) but it isn’t all the way there. It’s not ready for primetime. The biggest problem is that sleep/resume doesn’t work at all. That is, when you shut your HP Mini and reopen the lid, it won’t turn on. While many people in the community (myself included) are attempting to fix this, it isn’t exactly going to happen overnight. Also, ethernet doesn’t work on the 2140 whatsoever. Sleep/resume is the biggest problem though, in my opinion. Besides, it hasn’t been long enough to create a solid, error-proof installation guide. New installation methods are still being discovered, new ideas emerging. Hopefully, I can write a solid, simple installation guide for Snow Leopard in the near-future.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my Leopard installation guide for the HP Mini 1000.

Best of luck,
-Sam B., aka Seb_or_Sam

PS: This is my first post here, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit unpolished :)