Whenever I get on Facebook or Flickr and check out new pictures, there’s been little option in viewing them; click on Next or Previous (or Back in some cases).

Safari 4 is one speedy browser and from experience, loading pages in it has been a breeze since I updated version. And now with Cool Iris, things have just gotten better.

cool iris install 300x222 Tired of Next & Previous Installation is straightforward. Just download the .zip file from the Cool Iris site, run the installer. You’ll be prompted to restart Safari. Now when you visit an image content rich website such as Flickr, you’ll notice a button at the lower left part of a pic which you can click to transfer to the Cool Iris wall.

pic handle 300x119 Tired of Next & Previous cooliris wall 1024x595 Tired of Next & Previous cooliris wall2 1024x595 Tired of Next & Previous You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out the wall, and slide the blue button at the bottom of the window to run across the wall left and right.

Definitely a thumbs up.